Do Heavy Downpours Make You Nervous? The Dodge Charger’s Safety Features Will Keep You Safe

Does anyone like driving during a heavy downpour? Probably not. It’s difficult to see through all of the darkness and water, and that can be pretty unnerving. Fortunately, safety features have evolved enough that those scary drives during downpours are more manageable. The popular Dodge Charger, a performance sedan, comes equipped with a couple of features that will help you navigate uncertain weather conditions.

The lane-departure warning system will alert you if you are having difficulties seeing the road and begin to veer off of it. Also, the rain sensing wipers will ensure that your wipers are on and moving at the right speed by sensing the amount of moisture on the windshield.

If you’re ready to get the most out of a vehicle in terms of safety features, come to Blake Fulenwider Clyde, and a friendly sales associate will help you take one of the Chargers for a test drive.

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