Ram 1500 Transmission Care Tips

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Ram 1500

You drive a pickup truck that works as hard as you do. Whether it’s an all-new 2019 Ram 1500 or any previous generation, you can depend on your truck’s towing, hauling, and performance. To keep your truck working at its best requires routine maintenance and car care tips to optimize its life.

Serving Clyde, Cisco, Ranger, Abilene, Brownwood, and other Texas communities, Blake Fulenwilder Chrysler Dodge Jeep has you covered. Here are five Ram 1500 transmission care tips.Have a Transmission Fluid Cooler Installed

It gets hot in Texas – you know it’s true. The number-one enemy transmission fluid has is heat. When your transmission struggles to stay within operating temperatures, the fluid can break down prematurely.

The result? Transmission fluid that’s been overheated loses its lubricating properties and can’t withstand the hard work you demand from your truck. Your truck is then susceptible to transmission problems like increased wear and failure.

Have a Mopar performance transmission fluid cooler installed in your Ram 1500 pickup. It will help maintain your transmissions optimal operating temperature to ensure you get reliable, long-lasting performance from your Ram 1500.
Get Warning Lights Checked

Has the Check Engine light come on? Its true name is the Malfunction Indicator Lamp, or MIL, and it does more than give you engine warnings. If the amber-colored MIL illuminates on your dashboard, it could be related to other systems that include your transmission.
If your MIL comes on for any reason, especially if you notice unusual shifting patterns or noise, have it checked right away. Looking after it quickly could prevent expensive and time-consuming transmission repairs.

Stay Within Your Ratings

One of the best Ram 1500 care tips is to stay within your truck’s rating. Your vehicle’s engine and drivetrain configuration have been carefully tested to determine its maximum towing and payload capacities.
If you exceed your truck’s rated performance, the stress takes its toll on your Ram 1500’s transmission, axles, suspension, and engine. To prevent premature failures, never exceed your truck’s ratings.

Get a Routine Transmission Service

Routine maintenance on your Ram 1500 includes changing the transmission fluid and filter at a specified interval. This service removes metal shavings and dirt that have become caught in the filter and replaces degrading transmission fluid with clean oil for your transmission.
Your transmission service is scheduled every 60,000 miles if you use it for towing and hauling, and every 120k miles otherwise. As well, the fluid condition should be inspected on every oil change interval and replaced sooner if required.

Use Mopar Transmission Fluid

Your Ram truck’s manufacturer knows it best. The fluid specified for your transmission is carefully developed or chosen based on its ability to protect your gearbox the best. A substandard fluid can quickly cause your transmission to act abnormally or fails.

Don’t let anyone put anything other than Ram-approved transmission fluid into your vehicle. That goes for both transmission services and fluid top-ups.
For Ram 1500 service in Clyde, TX, visit Blake Fulenwider Chrysler Dodge Jeep. Our product and service experts will keep you going strong with Ram 1500 care tips and high-quality maintenance and repairs.


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