Dodge Grand Caravan Both Functional and Fuel Efficient

Families everywhere have fallen in love with the Dodge Grand Caravan for its expert styling, comfortable ride, and impressive performance features. What many people are not aware of is that the Grand Caravan also boasts exceptional fuel efficiency. The Dodge experts at Blake Fulenwider Clyde are ready to answer any of the questions you have about this popular minivan as we demonstrate all of its fuel efficiency features to you.

The low rolling resistance tires are specially designed to roll smoothly down the road, enabling the Grand Caravan to not need as much fuel to operate. These 17-inch all-season tires work together to deliver maximum fuel efficiency where you least expect it.

The patented fuel economizer optimizes efficiency by automatically adjusting engine timing and transmission shift levels. Priced at just $26,000, this minivan is one of the smartest buys on the market today when value and fuel efficiency are considered.

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