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One minute, everything is working fine. Your Ram 2500 is driving smooth and quiet, and you have no cares in the world. That can change suddenly. A strange noise, a startling symptom, or a disconcerting feeling can pop up.

The moment you don’t feel you can fully trust your truck anymore is the time you want to get it checked over. That’s especially important if it’s engine-related noise. These five symptoms tell you it’s time to get a Ram 2500 engine noise inspection at your local Ram dealer in Clyde, TX, Blake Fulenwider Chrysler Dodge Jeep.

Whirring Noise

You might have the Cummins turbo-diesel engine under the hood, or maybe it’s the 5.7-liter HEMI V8. In either case, a whirring noise isn’t normal. Think about the noise from a fidget spinner multiplied by ten to imagine what it’s like.

This buzzing or whirring noise is usually not the engine itself but an accessory. It could be an idler pulley, the alternator bearing, the water pump, or even the A/C compressor. Even a failing belt can cause the noise. In any case, you need to have it looked at soon to prevent a breakdown.

Hissing Sound

Since you don’t fry eggs under your Ram truck’s hood, you shouldn’t get that sizzling sound. If you do, that’s an indication something is wrong in the cooling system. The hissing noise could be steam escaping from a leak while a gurgling noise is air bubbling through a system that shouldn’t have air in it. Skip the breakfast diner stop – head over to the service department for an inspection.

Loud Exhaust Noise

A suddenly loud rumble from your truck’s exhaust might sound cool for a minute, but it can be a serious problem. Whether a diesel engine or V8 gas engine, the exhaust system both carries noxious fumes away from the cabin and processes harmful gases into environmentally-safe elements. Plus, noise pollution is a real thing.
If you notice a sudden increase in your exhaust volume, it may be a faulty exhaust pipe, muffler, or catalytic converter. It’s prudent to get it checked and repaired quickly.

Metallic Clatter

Imagine shaking a bolt in a tin cup. That metallic clatter noise can be annoying, but in an engine, it could lead to serious engine problems. It’s usually a rhythmic sound that changes with the engine RPMs and is more noticeable at idle.
This type of noise may indicate low oil pressure or an issue with the valve train, or even an oil filter that’s restricting flow. Leaving this on its own can have expensive consequences, so get it looked after soon.

Knocking Noise

The sound of a hammer on the underside of your engine in a rhythmic pattern isn’t normal. While it’s not a common noise on a Ram 2500 engine, service is required soon if you hear it.
The cause of that knocking noise? It’s typically due to worn bearings in the lower end of your engine, often from lack of lubrication or maintenance. While it might be an intensive repair, it’s best to have it done before a breakdown occurs.

Whether you have one of these five symptoms or any other Ram 2500 engine noise, an inspection is the first step to getting it corrected. For Ram 2500 service in Clyde, Texas, choose Blake Fulenwider Chrysler Dodge Jeep. Diagnostic experts and a knowledgeable service team will get your truck working right.


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